[etoys-dev] Re: [JIRA] Commented: (SQ-154) Make it simple to show and hide the toolbar

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Sat Jul 18 16:58:38 EDT 2009

Thanks Scott.

I tested the latest, looks great, I had one problem but realized it was my 
misunderstanding, as I did not fully apply the intended release preparation 

As a result, I have a question: What is the list of steps I need to run to 
prepare a Etoys image for Squeakland (and for OLPC) release, starting from 
image at http://tinlizzie.org/olpc/etoys-dev-4.0.zip. If someone can attach it 
here or email me I will put it on the squeakland wiki- thanks.

I think to describe this is important for testers who would test things like 
the navigator bar show/hide, scaling and other global things (I am afraid I 
tripped over missing a step when testing SQ-154 :( so also asked there).

My assumption is the steps  prepare a Etoys image for Squeakland would be 
something like:

1) download etoys 40 from http://tinlizzie.org/olpc/etoys-dev-4.0.zip
2) unzip and open etoys-dev-4.0.image
3) click the "load code updates" button
4) in workspace, run ReleaseBuilderSqueakland new 
5) save as etoys.image

but I am (especially) not sure about step 4 - is that the right utility? Also, 
before running any of the steps, do I need to set the Etoys window to a 
specific size or just use the default?

Thanks, Milan

PS also, where does OLPC image preparation differ... thanks

On July 17, 2009, Scott Wallace wrote:
> On Jul 16, 2009, at 9:25 PM, jira at immuexa.com wrote:
> >     [ http://tracker.immuexa.com/browse/SQ-154?page=comments#action_35752
> >  ]
> >
> > Milan Zimmerman commented on SQ-154:
> > ------------------------------------
> >
> > This makes sense. I am out of time now, but will test tomorrow or
> > early weekend.
> Thank you, Milan!
> By mutual agreement among Bert, Yoshiki, and me, we decided to push
> the latest fixes embodied in SQ-88, SQ-154, and SQ-257 to the etoys4.0
> update stream today.  This will make it easier for more people to
> test, and we still have time before squeakfest/brasil to fix any
> issues that may arise.
> Cheers,
>    -- Scott

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