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On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 8:36 AM, teefal<etoys-dev-forum at squeakland.org> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Please tell us where you're from, what languages you like, what platforms
> you work with or can test with, and how much you think you'd be able to
> help.

o Cupertino, in Silicon Valley

o APL, LISP/Scheme, FORTH, Python, Befunge :), Unlambda :) :), Smalltalk...

o I can run Linux images in Virtualbox, and I have a spare Mac.

o Alan and I are trying to get a Free Digital Learning Materials
project going. I am creating math lessons in Turtle Art right now, and
will move some of them into Smalltalk. I am recruiting others to do
more such work. At some point, we will build Smalltalk tools for
building DLMs and lesson plans.

o I am also talking with Allison Randal, head of the Parrot project,
about various projects. She told me that she would love to have a
Squeak for Parrot. (Right now, they only have their toy language
Squaak. No relation. ^_^). This means compiling the Smalltalk VM for
Parrot. But that means getting a C compiler to generate Parrot
assembler. I don't know how far along that project is.

# c99 — An implementation of C programming language, C99 dialect

After we have a functioning version, we should investigate whether any
Smalltalk VM features can be replaced by or integrated with Parrot
features. Parrot provides garbage collection, concurrency, hooks for
an object class system, and an assortment of other high-level
features, and is intended to allow dynamic languages to run unchanged
on more than 200 hardware/OS combinations.

> To get started, read here:
> http://confluence.immuexa.com/display/sq/Development

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