[etoys-dev] Re: [sq-software] Re: SQ-154: Added changeset for the NavigatorBar show/hide buttons

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Wed Jul 8 14:58:30 EDT 2009

Hi, Milan, and all,

I just posted another version of the fileout to JIRA, this one named  
"showNavBarCtl-sw-mz.11.cs.gz", with the following changes:

1.  Fixed bug encountered when the "show-full-nav-bar button" is  
plucked out of the bar with the hand, via the halo.
2.  Changed balloon-help-msg wordings from 'navigation bar' to 'tool  
bar', consistent with other usage.
3.  Put the new preference in the 'flaps' category rather than  
creating a new singleton category just for it.

Because of the way in which JIRA presents attachments (alphabetical,  
not chronological,) this latest fileout appears (today anyway) as the  
second item in the attachments list on the SQ-154 page.  To avoid  
confusion, perhaps we ought to delete the various earlier versions of  
the fileouts, though it would be somewhat unfortunate to lose the  
historical record...

   -- Scott

On Jul 7, 2009, at 10:40 PM, Milan Zimmermann wrote:

> On July 8, 2009, Milan Zimmermann wrote:
>> On July 6, 2009, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>> On 06.07.2009, at 08:09, Milan Zimmermann wrote:
>>>> Hi Scott,
>>>> Yes, I misunderstood what icons you ment, sorry.
>>>> I have now updated the SQ-154 item with a new changeset:
>>>> 	showNavBarCtl-sw-mz-updated.2.cs
>>>> should be the only changeset that needs to run to add the show/hide
>>>> navigation
>>>> bar - but it seems to only work after running
>>>> ReleaseBuilderSqueakland new buildForSqueaklandDev
>>>> was the intention the hide/show navigation bar would also be
>>>> available in the
>>>> olpc image?
>>> Yes.
>> Thanks Bert.
>> I will have to test it again and see why the changeset
>> (showNavBarCtl-sw-mz- updated.2.cs) only seemd to work after the
>> "buildForSqueaklandDev". Maybe it was just too late.
>> I will follow up tomorrow,
> Sorry only now I noticed Scott published a new version - so my  
> statement above
> is obsolete, I will test Scott's latest.
>> Milan
>>> - Bert -
>>>> I also added the 50x50x32 images to SQ-154:
>>>> 	navbar-show-50x50x32.png
>>>> 	navbar-hide-50x50x32.png
>>>> They are very slightly cleaned from their OLPC originals.
>>>> Sorry that SQ-154 attachements are unclear - I wanted to delete my
>>>> older
>>>> changeset and icons but was not able to .. this bug tracking system
>>>> gives me
>>>> more headaches than any other I used so far, but that's beside the
>>>> point
>>>> Sorry for the delay, please let me know if it works for you,
>>>> Thanks, Milan
>>>> On July 1, 2009, Scott Wallace wrote:
>>>>> Milan,
>>>>> Sorry, after paying a little closer attention to the info you  
>>>>> put on
>>>>> the Jira ticket, I see that you *did* obtain your icons from the
>>>>> dev.laptop.org git tree -- it's just that they were the wrong
>>>>> icons ;-)
>>>>>  -- Scott
>>>>> On Jul 1, 2009, at 4:37 PM, Scott Wallace wrote:
>>>>>> On Jun 29, 2009, at 2:05 AM, Milan Zimmermann wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi Scott,
>>>>>>> As discussed last Monday, I made a changeset which adds icons to
>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>> NavigatorBar show/hide buttons. If you have a chance, please
>>>>>>> install the mz
>>>>>>> changeset attached there, and take a look at it - if something  
>>>>>>> is
>>>>>>> not right I
>>>>>>> will try to fix it.
>>>>>>> Thanks, Milan
>>>>>> Than you, Milan!
>>>>>> I think those icons aren't quite what we want to end up with,  
>>>>>> both
>>>>>> because they are probably too similar to the previous-project and
>>>>>> next-project buttons and because I still think we should use the
>>>>>> same icons that other olpc apps use for this show-nav-bar/hide- 
>>>>>> nav-
>>>>>> bar function.
>>>>>> Here via Mac screen-grabs I just made while running Browse in  
>>>>>> sugar-
>>>>>> on-a-stick on my Mac are the icons the Browse activity uses for
>>>>>> showNavBar and hideNavBar.  There's not enough resolution in  
>>>>>> these
>>>>>> grabs to allow one to make them into proper 50 x 50 bitmaps -- it
>>>>>> still would be best to fish around in the source tree of the  
>>>>>> Browse
>>>>>> activity to find the actual svg (or whatever) files that define
>>>>>> these icons for Sugar.  But these pics show what the appearance  
>>>>>> of
>>>>>> the icons should be:

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