[etoys-dev] Making a Squeakland Etoys release - wiki page questions contibued in new thread

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 24 13:58:04 EST 2009

Thanks Yoshiki.

My first goal is to collect up all known (no matter how dispersed and 
haphazard collection) information on how to prepare the various Etoys images 
(Sugar, Windows Squeakland, Mac Squeakland) and the installer (restricting on 
Windows Squeakland). After I paste info from your reply, this will I think be 
close to "most information collected":


Next goal is to make and document, on the above page, repeatable steps 
(perhaps automated through scripts). These steps should actually create images 
for Sugar, Windows, Mac, AND the Windows installer.

How far I will get I am not sure. But in the next 3 months my time should be 
much more predictable then last 4 months so I hope :) (of course there is also 
another Etoys/Sugar thing I started in the summer but left unfinished...)

Thanks for your help,


On December 23, 2009, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Hi, Milan,
> At Wed, 23 Dec 2009 23:21:06 -0500,
> Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> > > http://svn.squeakland.org/installers/
> > >
> > > (at http://svn.squeakland.org/installers/win32/olpc)
> >
> > I think it is not open externally:
>   The old site has been shut down (on purpose) to avoid confusion
> with the new server.  The new server seems to be taking some time to
> get up (I gather that there was a plan to hook the squeakland.org
> accounts to the SVN accounts, which I would think overkill).
> > But from your explanation it sounds like it is just doing some
> > manipulation (copying files and maybe running the
> > ReleaseBuilderSqueakland new prepareReleaseImageForSqueakland?)
>   It copies files, and the image file is supposed to be already
> properly setup before running it, as we are supposed to have the
> latest deployable image on the SVN server.
> > So, anyway if it has something important
> > please attach it if possible, otherwise don't worry about it.
>   See the snipped below at the end of this email.
> > I have a additional question. When creating the Windows Nullsoft
> > installer, what version of VM do you use, do you always go for the
> > latest, and also what plugins do you include, all plugins there are?
>   The VM is basically the latest mainstream squeak VM that Andreas
> releases, but with the icon resource swapped by ResHack program (I do
> it manually, but you only need to do it every once a while).  The
> plugins are just the ones that are the in the SVN directory.  We now have:
> FT2Plugin.dll (comes with the stock VM)
> ImmWin32Plugin.dll
> KedamaPlugin.dll
> KedamaPlugin2.dll
> Mpeg3Plugin.dll
> OggPlugin.dll
> ScratchPlugin.dll
> localePlugin.dll
>   Milan,  thank you very much for taking on this!
> -- Yoshiki
> --- exportAssets.sh ---
> #!/bin/sh -v
> cd assets
> rsync -rva --exclude=.svn/ --delete ../../../Etoys.app/ Etoys.app
> chmod -R +w Etoys.app
> find Etoys.app -name .svn | xargs rm -rf
> cat ../../../Etoys.app/Contents/Resources/LICENSE | sed 's/$/\r/' > LICENSE
> cat ../../../Etoys.app/Contents/Resources/NOTICE | sed 's/$/\r/' > NOTICE
> cat ../../../NEWS | sed 's/$/\r/' > NEWS
> cd Etoys.app
> rm -rf etoys.sh etoys.ini
> cd Contents
> rm -rf ._Info.plist Info.plist Linux-i686 Linux686 MacOS PkgInfo
> cd Resources
> rm -rf *.bundle *.icns
> cd locale
> mkdir ../tmp
> mv de el en es fa_AF fr ht it ja pt pt_BR si sv tr tr_latin1 ../tmp
> rm -rf ?? ??_*
> mv ../tmp/* .
> rmdir ../tmp

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