[etoys-dev] Making a Squeakland Etoys release - wiki page questions contibued in new thread

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Tue Dec 22 23:45:33 EST 2009

On December 21, 2009, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> On 21.12.2009, at 06:56, Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> > > The Mac release and To-Go release I built on a Mac using the scripts
> > > that formerly resided at
> > >
> > > http://svn.squeakland.org/installers/
> > >
> > > There was buildImage.sh / buildImage.st that updated the image, and
> > >  makeEtoysMac / makeEtoysToGo to create the app bundles. I ran the
> > >  setVersion script between building the image and bundling the app to
> > >  adjust the version numbers while avoiding manual errors when it was
> > >  getting late.
> >
> > Also added this to wiki. Do we need to advocate Tim to get those files
> > back?
> I think he's working on it.


> Note however that I don't think it is wise to use those scripts yourself.
>  Just read them and understand what they do, then write your own or do it
>  manually, whatever you prefer. Personal styles differ and in doing a
>  release you need to be confident to know what's going on. There is no
>  magic to it, Squeak thankfully is pretty simple in that regard.

Sure, I am trying to put together and document on wiki where things are (svn 
misc helper files for all the platforms), and summarize the known steps to 
make an installer. Next step for me will be to try to make the windows MSI. I 
will not try Mac. Later hopefully document what is required to be in a Linux 
tarball (e.g. should there be one tarball for image and one for VM etc)

Start is here:


> But e.g. to the next person who builds a Mac installer it is necessary to
>  get familiar with Apple's packaging tools. No way around that.

Well  I guess same for Windows but there is more awareness. Linux is per 

> > I have a question that you may have a pointer to: Do you know what
> > Yoshiki is refering to when he said, regarding making the MSI installer
> > (it is in the same page on wiki): Execute exportAssetsFromToGo.sh  -
> > where can I find this script? Thanks,
> > Milan
> Don't know. I assume it will simply export the files from svn to the right
>  location in the installer.

Yoshiki replied :)

thanks, Milan

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