[etoys-dev] Making a Squeakland Etoys release - wiki page questions

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Dec 20 18:53:20 EST 2009

On 21.12.2009, at 00:04, Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> Hi :
> I finally got back to this.
> I tried to follow instructions below how to make a Squeakland release but 
> failed to understand several points. I modified the original text created by 
> Yoshiki thinking I will add details but probably just added confusion. In any  
> case i was unable to understan what to do start to end.
> http://wiki.squeakland.org/display/sq/Creating+Etoys+Release+for+Squeakland%2C+OLPC%2C+or+Etoys-to-go
> Would someone who knows this process have time to clarify this page at some 
> point, and add answers to the TODO's etc?
> Thanks!
> Milan

Just a few data points:

The 4.0 dev image at etoys.laptop.org is identical to the original tinlizzie one except it has been saved at 800x600 pixels and Pango was disabled. See

svn log http://etoys.laptop.org/svn/trunk/etoys/etoys-dev.image

I made the Sugar release image from that dev image by running these scripts in Linux:


(though for the 4.0.2339 release I cheated and re-saved the release image while running in a 1200x900 Sugar emulator [being careful to first enter the empty top project] so that on startup on the XO the menu bar does not have to be rebuild)

The Mac release and To-Go release I built on a Mac using the scripts that formerly resided at


There was buildImage.sh / buildImage.st that updated the image, and makeEtoysMac / makeEtoysToGo to create the app bundles. I ran the setVersion script between building the image and bundling the app to adjust the version numbers while avoiding manual errors when it was getting late.

- Bert -

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