[etoys-dev] FFI bug

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sat Dec 5 08:29:20 EST 2009

On 04.12.2009, at 21:59, Ricardo Moran wrote:
> Hi guys
> I found a bug in the FFI installation of the etoys image. ByteArray>>#structAt:length: throws #externalCallFailed (the method has category nil, which I think is wrong also). I replaced it with a more recent version from the FFI package found in Universes and now is working:
> ByteArray>>structAt: byteOffset length: length
> 	"Return a structure of the given length starting at the indicated byte offset."
> 	| value |
> 	value := ByteArray new: length.
> 	1 to: length do:[:i|
> 		value unsignedByteAt: i put: (self unsignedByteAt: byteOffset+i-1)].
> 	^value
> Cheers!
> Richo

Yes, seems reasonable. The process is: open a tracker ticket, attach changeset, get someone to review and push it to the update stream.

Installing the latest FFI into a dev image should actually create a changeset.

- Bert -

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