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The Public Education Departments are complaints from teachers about how
to find digital educational materials that may concern them, so they try
to unify criteria and establish standards for storage ...
As far as I know there are two widely used standards: SCORM, cataloging
more oriented to test-type material, yes/no exercises etc., and IMS
(http://www.imsglobal.org/), much less "behaviorist".
IMS Common Cartridge is basically a standard digital learning content
that defines a usage profile of four existing specifications:
1 .- IEEE LOM (metadata)
2 .- IMS Content Packaging v1.2
3 .- IMS Question & Test Interoperability
4 .- IMS Web Authorization Service v1.0
We're not talking about fun subjects at all, but in my opinion, to
facilitate the integration of projects done in Squeak in these public
servers is very important.
European Community is trying this:
A little more:

Of course, nor teacher neither children can fill a big questionnaire
with dificult questions at save project moment, but this two materials
(metadata packaging by code at save moment and the information
introduced by the project's creator) could approach to IMS standard.

Regards and sorry for my english
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