[etoys-dev] Inkscape envy

K. K. Subramaniam subbukk at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 13:53:15 EDT 2009

On Friday 28 Aug 2009 8:42:51 pm Karl Ramberg wrote:
> On 2009-08-28 08:23, K. K. Subramaniam wrote:
> > What it lacks is support for constraints (e.g. line x should be
> > perpendicular to y). Metapost (program) and MPLib (library) handle this
> > very well. A MPLib plugin would be ideal to stretch Squeaks for higher
> > age groups.
> That would be DrGeoII in Squeak.
I had a different idea in mind. Instead of building geometric frameworks on top 
of morphs, we could treat Morph as a box glyph associated with a shape 
definition (bitmap, graphemes, emoticons, svg element, LaTeX code, postscript, 
metapost ...). A "edit" message (shift-click) to a morph will invoke a class-
specific editor to edit the definition. drawOn: would interpret this definition 
to render the glyph to a bitmap and cache it. The cache will be invalidated 
when definition is edited.


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