[etoys-dev] Issue with etoys 2257

antonio antoniomoreno at edu.juntaextremadura.net
Mon Aug 31 13:47:58 EDT 2009

Your words translation directly propose a solution: perhaps with some
projects' windows inside an image, some of them selected and the option
"create gallery" at any menu could create a *.prg file, this way people
could recognice pr files like single ones and prg files like galleries;
it could be easily  integrated by superswikis and so.
"To include new objects in the system" need to be very confident about
the results obviously or we will have ballast only!


El lun, 31-08-2009 a las 10:59 -0400, Timothy Falconer escribió:
> On Aug 31, 2009, at 5:02 AM, antonio wrote:
> > ...nested projects can be really confusing...
> > 
> > of course, I'm agree, that 's an old question, but I see it as an
> > extra that provides an unnecessary hardship, as if it could be
> > nested documents within documents: it is never really necessary.
> > 
> > 2cc
> There is a need for "collections of projects", such as the "Tutorials
> and Demos" section.   We could use this functionality for our
> courseware, for example (lessons 1 through 10, collected).
> Perhaps we can clean up the metaphor by having a "gallery" or
> something who's purpose is to collect projects.  (This is from a UI
> perspective, not a code perspective).
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