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I think that there are too many categories. 

If we think on content we could group by school years:

Elementary school
Middle school
High school

Or, if  grouping by age I wouldn't use more than  three categories, in this
case I would say: 

7 and younger 
8 to 12
13 and older -  when "technically" most kids are able to go through  more
complex abstractions 


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The problem will be hundreds of people choosing age/grade tags.  Some  
will say "4th grade", others will say "3rd to 4th", others will say  
"fourth grade", others will say "9 to 10", etc.  Using fixed  
categories solves this problem.

If I saw a drop-down labeled "Target Age" that had:

* five or younger
* six to eight
* nine to eleven
* twelve to fifteen
* sixteen and older

I personally wouldn't think the "sixteen and older" would indicate  
language/nudity/violence content.

Such content wouldn't pass the moderators anyway, and we can make it  
clear on the website that we don't allow such content.

What does the larger group think?   Would you see "sixteen and older"  
in the drop-down as saying "put your adults-only stuff here"?


On Aug 31, 2009, at 11:30 AM, <kharness at> wrote:

> Hi,
> This phrase gets very close to the "18 must be accompanied by  
> parents" movie rating system, will it imply, mistakenly, that the  
> content is adult/X rated.
> We chose to tag some of the projects in EtoysIllinos with grade  
> level's because they are aligned with grade level content standards.  
> The rest of the projects stand as they are without grade or age tags  
> because curiosity has no age limit and because we assume that people  
> who click on a project they don't understand will either stay with  
> it until they do understand or click out right away and go to some  
> other project.
> Kathleen
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>> I'm good with 16 and older ... but we'll ask the education team  
>> first.
>> On Aug 8, 2009, at 5:48 PM, Andreas Raab wrote:
>>> Perhaps just call the age bracket "16 and older"?
>>> Cheers,
>>> - Andreas
>>> kharness at wrote:
>>>> Bert, Will the above 18 label carry connotations of the movie
>>>> ratings: adult content? These ratings may not be in use world wide,
>>>> I don't know.
>>>> I think age is adding an unnecessary and complicating bit of
>>>> information.
>>>> Kathleen
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>>>>> On 08.08.2009, at 20:16, Scott Wallace wrote:
>>>>>> But neither your age nor mine is within the age-ranges covered
>>>>>> by  the age pop-ups :-)
>>>>> IMHO "Age" should be "Target Age", and it should cover everybody.
>>>>> This  means we need two more choices: "under 6" and "above 18".
>>>>> And there  needs to be a way to select multiple age groups, or at
>>>>> least add an  "everyone" choice.
>>>>> - Bert -
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