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Timothy Falconer timothy at squeakland.org
Mon Aug 31 10:09:37 EDT 2009

On Aug 8, 2009, at 9:57 AM, <kharness at illinois.edu> <kharness at illinois.edu 
 > wrote:

> Good Morning,
> Maybe someone could send me a screen print of what we are talking  
> about and I can answer my own questions? Sorry to ask about things  
> so close to the release date but . . .
> Is this pop-ups box only going to appear for people who are  
> uploading projects to Squeakland? Or is it the one for every project  
> stored on a local computer?
> Will there still be a field for the name of the project in this new  
> system? Will all the fields currently in the save dialogue box still  
> be there and these are only additions. Are they mandatory, will a  
> project save to a local computer with incomplete info?
> Why is age being included? Is it to help sort what is of interest/ 
> appropriate for that age group and why would we do that, the visitor  
> to the projects will decide what they want to look at no matter  
> their age or the age of the author?  I am picturing myself adding a  
> project of my own and typing in my age
> The Etoyslllinois site avoids any mention of age for two reasons,  
> one is to keep private information just that Private. And secondly,  
> we don't need to know the age of the author, as a matter of fact in  
> practice it may mean some 7th graders wouldn't deign to look at  
> sudoku if they knew the author was a first grader and yet the puzzle  
> is good no matter the age.

Just in case this got missed in other emails, "age" refers to "target  
age", not "age of the author", just as the "by age" category in the  
current squeakland showcase.

The intent is to help teachers and parents find appropriate material  
for their children without using regional level names (secondary  
school, middle school, etc).

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