[etoys-dev] Consolidating releases

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Aug 31 06:05:21 EDT 2009

I noticed yesterday that Yoshiki updated the FishAndPlankton example  
project a year ago in the Sugar release, but that was still not in the  
Squeakland repository. Same for the Guides and translations, which  
were not updated for quite some time. Conversely, the launcher/ 
tutorials/demo projects were only updated in the Squeakland repository.

I (manually) synced the two repositories on Sunday but we need to find  
a way to only have one repo, really.

I think the Sugar release and Squeakland release are virtually  
indistinguishable now, right? Off the top of my head the only  
difference is the swapControlAndAltKeys preference, which is enabled  
for Sugar but not for Squeakland. But we really should set this to the  
platform default anyway:


Other than for that, do we still need two different release images? Or  
can we simply share the whole image folder now?

- Bert -

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