[etoys-dev] Two issues with new updates ?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Aug 26 18:10:16 EDT 2009

On 26.08.2009, at 00:21, Scott Wallace wrote:

> On Aug 24, 2009, at 11:56 PM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>> Unless I'm missing something, I believe that case of having  
>>> navigated directly into the etoys plug-in from a web browser and  
>>> having navigated directly into etoys from the sugar journal are  
>>> the two main cases where we want the special "back to clouds  
>>> logic"; in both situations, there is actually no meaningful  
>>> "previous project."
>> The third major case is when launching Etoys by double-clicking a  
>> project on a Mac. Or Windows. Or the command line on Linux.
> Ah - right, and how sweet that is!  The logic of yesterday's version  
> (5) of the fix, as well as today's (see below,) does handle that  
> case correctly as well.
>>> So I offer the attached as yet another rev on this issue, which  
>>> hopefully now correctly deals with back-button handling in all  
>>> three cases -- running-in-sugar, running-in-browser, and running- 
>>> stand-alone.
>> IMHO in a user image (i.e., etoysFriendly is on), we never want to  
>> drop the user into the empty top-level project, from which there is  
>> no apparent way out.
> Good point.  Today's version (6), attached below, follows that  
> advice.  Maybe we're getting close to a sweet spot about this...
> Thank you!
>  -- Scott

I could live with that version. But why don't we solely base it on the  
eToyFriendly preference? An advanced user might want to go back to the  
top level project even in Sugar or the browser.

- Bert -

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