[etoys-dev] Two issues with new updates ?

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Tue Aug 25 18:21:25 EDT 2009

On Aug 24, 2009, at 11:56 PM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:

>> Unless I'm missing something, I believe that case of having  
>> navigated directly into the etoys plug-in from a web browser and  
>> having navigated directly into etoys from the sugar journal are the  
>> two main cases where we want the special "back to clouds logic"; in  
>> both situations, there is actually no meaningful "previous project."
> The third major case is when launching Etoys by double-clicking a  
> project on a Mac. Or Windows. Or the command line on Linux.

Ah - right, and how sweet that is!  The logic of yesterday's version  
(5) of the fix, as well as today's (see below,) does handle that case  
correctly as well.

>> So I offer the attached as yet another rev on this issue, which  
>> hopefully now correctly deals with back-button handling in all  
>> three cases -- running-in-sugar, running-in-browser, and running- 
>> stand-alone.
> IMHO in a user image (i.e., etoysFriendly is on), we never want to  
> drop the user into the empty top-level project, from which there is  
> no apparent way out.

Good point.  Today's version (6), attached below, follows that  
advice.  Maybe we're getting close to a sweet spot about this...

Thank you!

   -- Scott

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