[etoys-dev] jira re-arrangement

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Aug 24 18:30:54 EDT 2009

On 24.08.2009, at 23:56, Timothy Falconer wrote:

>> Hmm, putting the change to the update stream is so far limited to
>> certain users.  (And "works for me" just by somebody often is not the
>> right reason to "Close" an item.)
> I think my initial process page said that software team members  
> verify and push to the stream (#13):

you meant #14?

> http://confluence.immuexa.com/display/sq/Process
> Priorities and code review are the primary function of the software  
> team.

We should clarify how to "submit code" in step #12.

Also, when resolving in step 12, I guess the resolution should be  
"ongoing"? The options are Complete, Reject, Duplicate, Unclear,  
Cannot Reproduce, Ongoing, Test Passed, Test Failed. So "ongoing"  
would mean "ready for testing"?

And in step 14, how do we mark a closed issue that is not yet put to  
the update stream"? Or should rather the tester change the resolution  
to "test passed", and the developer who pushes an update to the stream  
closes the issue?

As for the other resolutions, who is going to close these issues, and  

- Bert -

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