[etoys-dev] New beta 4.0.2253

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Aug 21 20:10:52 EDT 2009

I looked at all issues marked as "code to test for publication" and  
pushed the ones that were ready (see below).

To test it, simplest is using the Etoys-To-Go beta:


For the Mac, there is even a new installer:


* Mac VM updated to 4.2.1b1: allows to read files from image directory  
even when sandboxed
* Mac VM got a QuickLook generator: makes Finder show projects as  
their embedded thumbnails

Please test.

- Bert -

=== 2253PianoKeyboardMorph-kfr.cs ===
Change Set:             PianoKeyboardMorph
Date:                   15 March 2009
Author:                 Karl Ramberg

Makes the piano keyboard about twice as big

=== 2252duplicateViewerFix-sw.cs ===
Change Set:             duplicateViewerFix-sw
Date:                   13 August 2009
Author:                 Scott Wallace

Fix for JIRA ticket 292.  In some circumstances, when a viewer is  
opened on an object in a project loaded from disk, two
copies of the viewer's contents appear, stacked one upon the other.

=== 2251fixCursor-bf.cs ===
Change Set:             fixCursor-bf
Date:                   17 August 2009
Author:                 Bert Freudenberg

On the Mac, the cursor looks jagged. Its alpha was not pre-multiplied.  
Also, it had a bluish tint. Postscript initializes
  new cursor.

=== 2250backToClouds-sw.cs ===
Change Set:             backToClouds-sw
Date:                   13 July 2009
Author:                 Scott Wallace

Wire up the prev-project button to the 'clouds' project if there is no  
previous project. (Edited slightly by bf)

=== 2249manifestsFix-bf.cs ===
Change Set:             manifestsFix-bf
Date:                   18 August 2009
Author:                 Bert Freudenberg

Fixes a bug seen when attempting to load a project which lacks a  

(Published by Scott Wallace, based on fix posted by Bert to etoys-dev  
on 14 aug 2009.)

=== 2248collapseTweak-sw.cs ===
Change Set:             collapseTweak-sw
Date:                   18 August 2009
Author:                 Scott Wallace

Use a more felicitous translation idiom in a recently-modified method.

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