[etoys-dev] irc bots

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Thu Aug 20 22:19:12 EDT 2009

Dear etoys developers,

energised by the terrific recent Squeakfest, I have set up two irc bots in the #etoys channel, announcing code updates 
and new tracker issues. This kind of thing can increase developer awareness and participation, I hope it proves useful. 
  More details below; please let me know of any problems or comments.


Simon Michael wrote:
> I have been refining my irc announce-bots in #squeak-in-depth. Today we judged them fit for polite company and they 
> graduated to the main channels. They are:
> in #squeak:
>   squeakplanetbot   - announces blog posts appearing on planet.squeak.org
>   squeakbugsbot     - announces new and revived mantis bugs (currently receiving further polish)
>   squeaktrunkbot    - announces code published on source.squeak.org
>   squeaksourcebot   - announces code published on squeaksource.com
> in #etoys: 
>   etoystrackerbot   - announces new bugs in the squeakland tracker (squeaklandbugsbot didn't fit...) 
>   etoysupdatesbot   - announces new etoys code updates 
> not yet graduated, and offline till I make them comply with stackoverflow's requirements:
>   sosqueakbot       - announces squeak-tagged questions on stackoverflow.com
>   sosmalltalkbot    - announces smalltalk-tagged questions on stackoverflow.com
> I'll continue to watch and tune these for a while. The goal is for them to be non-annoying, useful and maintenance-free. 
> Please contact me in case of trouble. I'm sm on irc.freenode.net. Thanks to Ken and Bert for their comments and help 
> setting up feeds.
> -Simon
> PS for the curious: these all announce rss/atom feeds using the rss2irc software. They mostly poll every 5 minutes with 
> squeaksource, trunk and the planet going a bit slower. You can remind yourself what they do by sending "/whois botname".

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