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Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Wed Aug 12 18:11:06 EDT 2009

On Aug 12, 2009, at 8:12 AM, Timothy Falconer wrote:
> One quick change if you have time ... can you change the text to  
> "(optional: click to choose)" instead of (none) and make sure this  
> appears next to subject, age, region?

Okay; this is implemented in the next rev of the project-info dialog,  
herewith attached and also posted to a JIRA ticket just created for  
this topic:


which is entitled  "modifications to project-info dialog for Showcase."


> Also, change the label from "Age" to "Target age"

We should use "Target Age" (i.e. both words capitalized) to conform  
with "Project Name," or else we should use both "Target age" and  
Project name."  In the attached code, the choice is made to capitalize  
both words of such two-word field-names, but obviously it would be  
trivial to make the opposite choice.


> BTW, is the read from the website category code done, or were these  
> manual lists?

The code was present in the earlier fileout, but was not yet being  
invoked automatically.

The attached fileout now makes the system automatically download the  
latest category info for "Target Age" and "Subject" from the web-site  
whenever a project-info dialog is called for.


....But "Region" codes are *not* (yet) imported from the web site,  
because the region codes on the web site are still those 241 country  
codes, which, even if using them were a good idea otherwise, we cannot  
(without considerable further engineering) present in a reasonable way  
in Squeak.  So we need a much shorter list.

So I'm still using a manually-prepared list of nine "fake" region  
names and region codes for now -- and not overlaying them with the 241  
country codes currently on the web site.  Once this gets sorted out  
(i.e. once we have a reasonable set of region codes on the web site)  
we can make the further small code change necessary to import the  
region codes from the web site.


   -- Scott

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