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Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Sat Aug 8 07:55:39 EDT 2009

Hi, Tim, and all,

Attached is a fileout providing changes to the project-info dialog as  
requested for the benefit of the "showcase" on Squeakland.org.

Basically, the "project info" dialog now contains three "enumerated"  
items, "Subject", "Age", and "Region".  These three are all governed  
by pop-ups (in local language) rather than by type-ins.  The results  
are included in the project manifest.

Important notes:

(1)  It is essential that this be filed in to an image updated at  
least through update 2246PolygonFix-kfr.  If filed in to an earlier  
image, subsequently loading updates will clobber some of the changes  
provided here.

(2)  Yoshiki is also modifying code in the EToyProjectDetailsMorph  
area in this same time-frame, so integration is likely to be necessary  
before our two fileouts are published.

(3)  There are a few obvious rough edges which someone may wish to  
tweak, though I don't know of any show-stoppers.  For example, this  
has always been an English-only dialog, but now that the field names  
are localized, there may be layout issues in some languages (once  
translations are available.)  Also, for the pop-up fields, if they've  
never been set they show as blank, whereas once they've been set to  
"(none)" (equivalent to blank) they show the text "(none)".  Probably  
we should always show "(none)" when values for these three popups have  
not been supplied.  Also, since some of the fields are now type-in and  
some are pop-ups, perhaps some UI convention (slight color  
difference?) should be used to hint at whether a field functions as a  
type-in or a pop-up.

(4)  This turned out to involve quite a bit of code, most of it  
written with a fever and at very late hours.  So there's the distinct  
possibility of errors.  I did test it briefly and it seemed to work as  
I expected.  HOWEVER:  it really needs verification by someone else.

(5) The Preamble (please read if planning to test or use):


Change Set:		projectInfoPopUps-sw
Date:			8 August 2009
Author:			Scott Wallace

Changes to the project-info dialog, in support of new data desired for  
the 'showcase' on squeakland.org:

-  'Sub-Category' removed.
-  Subject, Age, and Region are added as pop-ups.
-  Choices for Subject, Age, Region popups, and corresponding codes,  
obtainable from web-site.
-  Project manifest now includes Age, Subject (category,) and Region  
info.  The codes are strings of numbers, e.g. '554' as a Subject code  
means 'Language Arts'
      (look in #defaultAgeTriplets, #defaultSubjectTriplets,  
#defaultRegionTriplets on class-side of EToyProjectDetailsMorph.)
-  Names of fields are presented to the user in localized form.
-  Choices for values of pop-up fields are presented to the user in  
localized form.


- There is support provided for obtaining up-to-date lists of the  
subject, age, and region alternatives from the web site (see  
EToyProjectDetailsMorph class updateTripletsFromWebSite) but it is not  
actually called at this point, out of concern for potential for long  
delay if connection to web site is slow.

- The *region* codes are at present *not* obtained from the web-site  
(even when the user explicitly calls #updateTripletsFromWebSite,) but  
rather a 'fake' set of regions, basically the continents, is  
provided.  This is probably temporary.  We have no reasonable way to  
confront the user with a pop-up showing 250 choices.

However, as per Tim's request, I have made it a point to include  
Antarctica in the region list.  (Tim:  look at method  
#defaultRegionTriplets for the current point of departure, if you want  
to adopt that, temporarily at least, on the web site.  And/or of  
course change any defaults as needed.



   -- Scott

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