[etoys-dev] region codes

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Fri Aug 7 02:40:42 EDT 2009


The "region codes" currently supplied for inclusion in the putative  
new pop-up in the project-info dialog at the moment seem to be  
*country* codes, and the country-code list on the web-site currently  
has no fewer than 241 countries listed.

Squeak is able to put up big lists in a pop-up, but it does so by  
putting up a succession of *segmented* sublists, not one big scrolling  

So if we use the list in its current form, it will be a huge segmented  
list.  Thus, for example, making ones way down to United States in the  
list of 241 country names requires advancing to the *sixth* group of  
names (i.e., hitting "more" five times), which is certainly not  

Do we really want individual country names?  If it's a "region",  
perhaps we should have categories more like North America, South  
America, Europa, Africa, Asia?  Or if that's too coarse, in any case a  
list of items with something more like thirty or forty entries.

Can anyone provide advice here?


   -- Scott

PS:    A single scrolling list pop-up obviously would be possible to  
implement in squeak, given time, but scrolling down through 240 items  
still would be obviously undesirable; in any case, that solution is  
not really on the table for the immediate future.

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