[etoys-dev] WebDAV support

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Fri Aug 7 00:49:22 EDT 2009

  Tim and everybody,

  Here is a new version of WebDAV support.  For those who were
missing the discussion on IRC, the idea is to have a sharable place
and also user specific places on the server and the user can upload

  File in the attached change set into a vanilla (important) etoys-dev
image and evaluate:

	Utilities authorName: nil.

	d _ DAVMultiUserServerDirectory on: 'http://showcase.squeakland.org/webdav'.
	d altUrl: 'http://squeakland.org/webdav'.
	d moniker: 'My Squeakland Showcase'.
	d acceptsUploads: true.
	d setupSelector: #setupPersonalDirectory:.
	ServerDirectory inImageServers at: 'My Squeakland Showcase' put: d.

	d _ DAVMultiUserServerDirectory on: 'http://squeakland.org/webdav'.
	d altUrl: 'http://squeakland.org/webdav'.
	d moniker: 'Squeakland Showcase'.
	d user: 'etoys'.
	d password: ...  "the one you gave me"
	d useDefaultAccount: true.
	d acceptsUploads: true.
	ServerDirectory inImageServers at: 'Squeakland Showcase' put: d.

Right now (perhaps rightly), trying to access the directory ends up
with "403 Forbidden" errors.  But if you fix the server to accept the
upload again, we can make progress.

-- Yoshiki
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