[etoys-dev] Squeakfest USA schedule & invitation

Timothy Falconer timothy at squeakland.org
Wed Aug 5 09:51:01 EDT 2009

> On Aug 3, 2009, at 11:50 AM, Rita Freudenberg wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> the schedule for Squeakfest USA is now online! Have a look at it  
>> here:
>> http://squeakland.org/squeakfest/usa/schedule/
>> Registration is still open here:
>> http://squeakland.org/squeakfest/usa/register/

On Aug 4, 2009, at 6:19 AM, Scott Wallace wrote:
> For squeak-dev readers who may not have been enticed to follow the  
> urls Rita provides above, and who perhaps are not much focused on  
> education or etoys, it bears mentioning that:
> -- Among the attendees at Squeakfest USA next week will be Andreas  
> Raab and Eliot Miranda.
> -- Eliot is presenting a session entitled "Making Squeak Etoys  
> Faster."
> -- Alan Kay is giving the keynote.
> -- Yoshiki, Ted, Takashi, Ian, and Kim of course will be there.
> -- The Squeak Etoys community needs serious volunteer effort from  
> experienced Smalltalk programmers in order to evolve and explain and  
> enrich the system.  Quite possibly, the community needs *you*.
> -- It's hard to imagine what other Smalltalk programming effort  
> could have such far-reaching impact.  Thanks to the presence of  
> Etoys on the olpc, the number of computers in the world which have  
> Squeak installed on them is now huge.  So people who contribute  
> software effort to the evolving Squeak Etoys image will be touching  
> the lives of millions of children and other worthy users over the  
> next couple of years.
> -- (And for those who don't know:  Squeak Etoys is a full-scale 3.8- 
> based Squeak image, not a stripped-down or dumbed-down system.  With  
> a few changes of Preferences it will be seen to be a familiar,  
> undiluted, license-clean, Squeak 3.8, with the addition of several  
> years of mostly olpc-oriented development.)
> So if you're in the area and if you think you might be interested in  
> contributing to a Squeak system already found on nearly a million  
> computers worldwide, please join us at Squeakfest -- next week  
> Monday through Wednesday, on the UCLA campus.
> -- Scott

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