Fonts (was Re: [etoys-dev] Wording in Clouds)

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed Aug 5 05:51:22 EDT 2009

On 05.08.2009, at 01:29, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:

> At Tue, 4 Aug 2009 22:16:37 +0200,
> Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>> Actually, "Déjà vu" would be French ;)
>> Anyway, do we have a list of fonts we'd like to ship with in Etoys?  
>> So
>> far only Deja-Vu-LGC has been suggested.
>  A Japanese version of Etoys is shipped with Mona-font (which is
> "free") pre-loaded.  Now it could be externalized.
>> The requirements would be it has to have a license allowing us to
>> bundle it, and it should add a language/script we could not render
>> otherwise. The reason to include the fonts instead of relying on
>> platform fonts would be to ensure projects behaving identically  
>> across
>> platforms.
>> Looking at the list of translations at
>  Not really tested with whole coverage of Deja-Vu and cannot tell
> that real text in these language can be rendered, but with rough
> eyeball checking, if we ship Deja-Vu, Mona, and some free
> fonts for chinese and Korean I could say:
> Coverage less than 1% and could be rendered:
> Catalan, Icelandish, Bulgarian, Polish, Macedonean, Romanian
> Coverage between 1% and 70% and could be rendered:
> Dutch, Iceland, Italian, Portugese
> Coverage more than 70% and could be rendered:
> Greek, Kreyol, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish (non-latin1 version and
> latin1 version), German, French, Russian, Simplified Chinese,
> Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian (in Cyrillic)
> -- Yoshiki

Okay. So we will have a "fonts" folder in the resources (image)  
directory. We'll put DejaVu-LGC there, in Sans, Serif, and Mono faces,  
each with regular, bold, italic, and bold+italic styles. These 12  
fonts take 3.8 MB of disk space (which should be more than compensated  
by removing them from the image). Then Mona, at 2.7 MB. What about  
Komika, guess we take it out of the image and put it on disk, too? And  
any idea for Korean and Chinese?

- Bert -

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