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On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 1:16 PM, Bert Freudenberg<bert at> wrote:
> On 04.08.2009, at 06:25, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>>  "Deja-Vu" is French
> Actually, "Déjà vu" would be French ;)
> Anyway, do we have a list of fonts we'd like to ship with in Etoys? So far
> only Deja-Vu-LGC has been suggested.
> The requirements would be it has to have a license allowing us to bundle it,
> and it should add a language/script we could not render otherwise. The
> reason to include the fonts instead of relying on platform fonts would be to
> ensure projects behaving identically across platforms.
> Looking at the list of translations at
> which of these could we render if we had the right font? Not right-to-left
> unfortunately, and none requiring glyph shaping like Devanagari.

"We of the profession are unaccustomed to speaking in such
inexactitudes." It is more accurate to speak of ligature substitution
or complex combining behavior rather than glyph shaping. Some of the
ligatures have no visible connection to the glyphs they replace.

The following addresses only rendering of static text strings. Text
input and editing introduce many other complications.

 Amharic yes (Ge'ez syllabary)
 Arabic no, LTR, complex combining
 Bengali no, complex combining
 Bulgarian yes (Cyrillic)
 Catalan yes
 Chinese (China) yes, but it's more than 10M per font
 Chinese (Taiwan)  yes, but it's more than 10M per font
 Dari no, LTR, complex combining
 Dutch yes
 English yes
 French yes
 German yes
 Greek yes (Greek)
 Gujarati no, complex combining
 Hindi no, complex combining
 Icelandic yes
 Italian yes
 Japanese yes, but it's more than 10M per font
 Khmer no, complex combining
 Korean yes, but it's more than 10M per font
 Kreyol yes
 Macedonian yes (Cyrillic)
 Marathi no, complex combining
 Mongolian yes for Cyrillic, no for traditional, which is undefined on computers
 Nepali no, complex combining
 Pashto no, LTR, complex combining
 Persian no, LTR, complex combining
 Polish yes
 Portuguese yes
 Portuguese (Brazil) yes
 Romanian yes
 Russian yes (Cyrillic)
 Sinhala no, complex combining
 Spanish yes
 Swedish yes
 Tamil no, complex combining
 Telugu no, complex combining
 Thai Should be yes, but there are complications
 Turkish yes
 Urdu no, LTR, complex combining
 Vietnamese yes

Thai does not have word spacing, and requires a dictionary to find
word boundaries in order to do line breaking.

You need to integrate Pango, and you need an Input Method framework
such as SCIM.

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