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2009/8/1 Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at>:
> At Fri, 31 Jul 2009 20:10:56 -0700,
> Edward Cherlin wrote:
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>> > Andreas Raab wrote:

>> >> Ah, that explains it. Is there a way of telling directly from the font
>> >> which language(s) they are supposed to support? Or is this trial and error?
>> The font name is in the language. This works for me, since I lived in
>> Korea and Japan, but not for foreigners in general. For example, on
>> Linux, Batang, Dotum, and Baekmuk ( $(C9Y4g (B,  $(C555k (B,  $(C9i9, (B) are Korean; Kaiti,
>> Mingti, and Sungti ( $B\4BN (B,  $BL at BN (B, $BAWBN (B ) are Chinese; Kochi and Sazanami  $B!J$3$A (B,
>>  $B8NCN (B;  $B$5$6$J$_ (B,  $B:YGH (B) are Japanese.

Do you know why your mail software is not rendering and retransmitting
Japanese correctly?

>>Educated natives of course recognize their
>> own preferred font styles as readily as Americans can tell typewriter,
>> serif, script, and black letter apart.
>  Yeah, but I wouldn't think that "MS UI Gothic" is Japanese^^;

Ah, well, Microsoft. Watch out for broken MS Unicode fonts for
Japanese and Korean that provide yen sign or weon sign in place of
backslash, in accordance with national variants of US-ASCII but not in
accordance with Unicode. One of many reasons I gave up on Windows. I
have had several arguments about this and related complaints on the
Unicode mailing list, with Japanese who claim that Unicode is broken,
and that we are a conspiracy of cultural imperialism. In fact we
follow Japanese national standards scrupulously where possible, and
our experts on Japanese are mainly from Japan.

>> I use the FontMatrix utility to view character repertoires of fonts.
>  Thanks!
> -- Yoshiki
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