[Etoys] QuickGuides available as a .pdf file

Ted Kaehler Ted at SqueakLand.org
Sun Jun 15 02:53:20 EDT 2008

	Inside Etoys, if you click the Help icon at the upper left of 
the screen, you get a flap with the QuickGuides in it.  Each 
QuickGuide tells how to do something in Etoys.  Kathleen Harness is 
the author of these excellent guides.  Editorial and technical 
assistance were provided by Kim Rose and Ted Kaehler.

	Besides being inside every copy of Etoys, the QuickGuides are 
also on the web at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Etoys_QuickGuides_Index

	Now, the QuickGuides are gathered together in a single .pdf 
file.  This allows you to download them all at once, print them, or 
copy them to other media.  Get the file from 

	I hope that the QuickGuides .pdf document is useful.


Ted Kaehler
Viewpoints Research Institute

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