[Etoys] on DrGeoII loading

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ofset.org
Fri Aug 29 03:08:52 EDT 2008

Hello Ties,

Thanks for your interest in Dr. Geo.
I am happy to read your feedback regarding the limitation of Squeak to
load efficiently external application like DrGeo.

Shipping an image in a DrGeo XO bundle is definitely an option but
then you face another category of problems: what is happening when you
want to save in the journal a DrGeo project? What will happen when you
want to reload it? I am afraid of some collision between Etoys and
DrGeo image.

It need some more though.

Frankly I am tempted by an even much more radical and long term
sustainable approach:

- use the UIEnhancement to design a more full featured UI for DrGeo
- design a Sugar theme for UIEnhancement
- design a specific persistence mecanism for DrGeo activities
- ship the whole in a Pharo Smalltalk image

The later one could be splited in Pharo+Efficient way to load external

A side effect of this will be to give us a true Smalltalk environment
to write modern looking application for education.


2008/8/28 Ties Stuij <cjstuij at gmail.com>:
> He Hilaire,
> First off, congrats with your ESUG prize.
> Secondly, I tried loading DrGeoII on the XO and experienced the 2.15 min.
> loading time.
> Now I know this sounds obvious, but have you concidered just taking the
> pragmatic route: packing an image in the XO bundle? Loading a pre-geo-ed
> image takes about 13 secs on my XO. This will of course bloat it up by more
> than a couple of mb's, but if schools would actually integrate your app on
> an XO or comparable machine in the classroom, I'd say the 20-odd extra mb's
> are more than offset by not having to go through those annoyingly long
> loading/compiling times.
> /Ties


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