[Etoys] Mongolian translations for Etoys

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Aug 26 14:00:31 EDT 2008

Am Aug 26, 2008 um 7:44 PM schrieb Bert Freudenberg:

> Am Aug 18, 2008 um 10:25 PM schrieb Yoshiki Ohshima:
>> At Sun, 17 Aug 2008 02:28:22 +0200,
>> Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>> Am 16.08.2008 um 04:05 schrieb Yoshiki Ohshima:
>>>> Great progress, everybody!
>>>> For getting it in Etoys and testing, we probably need to specify  
>>>> the
>>>> fonts and probably add a few Smalltalk classes.  Let us work
>>>> together
>>>> to get a working version in the near future release.
>>> If we defaulted to Unicode input and Pango rendering for "unknown"
>>> languages, shouldn't a new language just work by adding a .mo?
>> Almost.  For the font part, the Scratch experience tells us that the
>> rendered text size widely varies from a font to another.  They need  
>> to
>> explicitly specify the scale factor for each languages.  We don't  
>> have
>> that mechanism so either have it or specify the font sizes for
>> languages would be needed.
>> For the classes, the clipboard and "keyboard input interpreter"
>> etc. should be aware of it (unfortunately).
> But right now, one can add a language by adding a .mo file, and IMHO
> Pango should be enabled automatically if the translations require it.
> One could look at a random translation to find out which code points
> it probably uses. And for unknown languages we should use the Unicode
> input interpreter.

This is the case for Mongolian, for example. For Russian and Greek, it  
even asks if we want to install a font which is wrong since Pango uses  
the system fonts just fine.

- Bert -

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