[Etoys] questions about XO etoys backup

Timothy Falconer timothy at immuexa.com
Tue Aug 26 11:26:21 EDT 2008

We're trying to extract our best Etoys projects from our pilots to put  
on our website.

We've been using a shell script that uses rsync to backup Etoys  
projects from our XO pilots (build 703)

	rsync -rltvz --modify-window=1 --stats --progress /home/olpc/.sugar/ 

I'm noticing some strangeness about the backup files ...

1) some don't have the .pr extension

2) some don't seem to have the versioning info in the name (blah. 
002.pr ... seems only the ones with the .pr extension do)

3) sometimes there's directories that contain html, rc.gz, and  
manifest files

A few questions:

1) can you keep the .pr extension on all of them (makes our life  
*much* easier)

2) for the files without the versioning, are we possibly losing some  
versions of same-named projects?  (even the latest?)

3) are there any bits from directories other than the one above that  
we need to preserve (we don't care about description/tag journal stuff)

4) will the directly above change in new builds?


Timothy Falconer
610-393-1889 mobile

Immuexa Corporation

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