[Etoys] screen sharing with Etoys on the XO

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Fri Aug 22 18:13:02 EDT 2008

  Thank you for writing it up, Tim!

> You should now be able to use the teacher XO and have it replicated on  
> the other XOs.  In testing, I've found it can take about 15 to 20  
> seconds for the other XOs to catch up, though this varies based upon  
> how much activity is happening from the teacher XO.  Sometimes its  
> instantaneous.   In general, pause scripts when you can and plan your  
> movements ... it'll speed things up.

  Yes, and closing viewers, etc. should help.

  The speed largely depends on how much display update is happening.
To get the sense of it, you can see it in the followinw way (not
connecting to other unit):

  - Launch Etoys.
  - Hit alt+, to get the show source menu.
  - Go from 'help...' to 'preferences...' to get the preferences
  - search for "damage" to get the debugShowDamage preference. Turn it

Now, there will be some areas on screen that is flashing.  The area
roughly equates to the network traffic needed.  You can see what kind
of activity, or what kind of widget overlap cause more.

> You can either broadcast from one mentor's XO to the other mentors,  
> and assemble the kids around each, or you can try full broadcast.  I  
> tested with ten XOs sharing and there was no noticeable slowdown.    
> You might experiment with one XO sharing to four XOs, then those four  
> sharing to five XOs.  Might speed things up.

  I couldn't tell what you meant by full broadcast (and "assemble the
kids around each").  Can you elaborate?

-- Yoshiki

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