[Etoys] {waveplace} florida pilot finish & nicaragua pilot begins

Timothy Falconer timothy at immuexa.com
Wed Aug 13 08:47:36 EDT 2008

On Aug 12, 2008, at 11:56 PM, Edward Cherlin wrote:

> Can you provide details of your solar installations? We want to
> understand cost per user, how reliable solar power is (depending on
> weather), and other issues.

Our cost with shipping and duty to Nicaragua was $39 USD per solar  
panel.    They're currently held up at the airport for "processing",  
so we likely won't have field use of them for a week or two.

I have one myself and have tried it several times.  In direct  
sunlight, it powers a completely depleted laptop in real-time (with  
full screen brightness), but when a cloud passes over, the laptop  
turns off.  (Not exaggerating.)   It's really important to get a  
little charge going first to cover the "cloud time".   Charging is  
slower than an AC cord ... haven't fully charged a laptop with the  
panel yet ... my guess is that it'd take about twice as long as AC in  
full sunlight.   As for how we plan to use them, none of us really  
know yet (it's a pilot).   A full class with solar panels isn't likely  
unless they meet outside.  Having lots of laptops charge in the  
playground for four hours is also problematic.

> You say you use an improv style, but I assume you also have training
> materials. Where are they, and can others use them?

Our beta courseware screencasts are here:


Sign up for an account to get access to all thirty lessons.   This is  
what we're using in Haiti and Nicaragua (with bilingual mentors) and  
what we used in Florida.

At this point, we just have screencasts and a workbook detailing the  
points to cover in each lesson (text is on the lesson pages).  We will  
have completely new screencasts, a teacher textbook, and student  
workbook this fall.

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