[Etoys] Squeak and EToys packages for Fedora and OLPC

Gavin Romig-Koch gavin at redhat.com
Tue Aug 12 15:39:34 EDT 2008

(If this message is inappropriate for this list - I apologies, and 
please let me know this.)

My name is Gavin Romig-Koch, I've been working on creating Squeak and 
EToys RPMs that are (hopefully will be) usable and acceptable to both 
the Fedora and OLPC distributions.   I have posted my first draft of 
these packages and would appreciate a review by anyone who is interested 
in such things.


This consists of .spec files, .patch files, and a Makefile to download 
upstream "sources" and build packages from them.   There is also a TODO 
file listing the things I think/know need to work on before these are 
ready for Fedora or OLPC.

If you find issues contact me.


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