[Etoys] Screencast with linux

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ofset.org
Mon Aug 11 07:24:08 EDT 2008

Thanks for the tips, I once used vncrec, the quality is good, but I
was unabble to convert it to something else than swf. The José tips
are interesting.
Finally I went to ogg/Theora directly. The video link are in the
DrGeiII web page.


2008/8/11 antonio <antoniomoreno at edu.juntaextremadura.net>:
> Hello again,
> Did you test vncserver + vncrec + x11vnc?
> Here:
> http://www.itais.net/2006/06/14/grabando_video_de_lo_que_hacemos_en_pant/
> (from J.L. Redrejo) there are information about how to use it.
> Regards
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