[Etoys] Jiggling the mouse

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Sat Aug 2 18:26:04 EDT 2008

At Fri, 1 Aug 2008 13:35:02 +0530,
K. K. Subramaniam wrote:
> How about the following for handling mouse events?
>    if mouse-over-halos is true then
> 	on hover bring up halo. bring up direction handles based on pref
>    if bluebutton is pressed
> 	bring up halo with direction handles always.
> and then
>    if halo is on
> 	ignore mouse clicks outside of halo buttons and dir handles.
>         allow dir handle to be moved/rotated using direct drag.
>    else
> 	allow morph to be moved using direct drag.

  If I understand correctly, this doesn't handle the case when the
morph is a button or such.  A button should behave as a button even if
the halo is on.  It is especially true when mouse-over-halo is on.
Let us say the button is near the corner (which is often the case),
and the user trys to click on it to activate the button action.  In
the split second, the halo might show up and the user would click on
a handle.  That would be bad.

  And, in general, the above has way too many cases to my taste.

> > Nowadays, however, we operate with mouse-over-halos turned off, and
> > with the showDirectionForSketches preference turned off as well.
> If direction handles are always shown, kids learn to anticipate its 
> appearance. I introduce it to them as "legs" (arrow is the big toe) around 
> which the morph can turn or leave a trail. This metaphor goes well with the 
> overall theme of costumes and players.

  Not doing mouse over halo and showing the direction handle always,
and not requiring shift-drag would be pretty good.

-- Yoshiki

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