[Etoys] [FIX]MenuMorph>>delete Re: pinup issues

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Sun Oct 7 16:19:22 EDT 2007

I fixed the issue here with a check for stayUp in active submenu.

karl wrote:
> subbukk wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In any BorderedMorph (say a Rectangle), popup the border .. menu, click its 
>> pinup. Both border menu and its parent menu stays up. If any button on border 
>> menu is clicked, both the menus disappear. I find this very annoying. If I 
>> want to experiment with different border styles, I have to dig into the halo 
>> menu all over or stick both the border and its parent menu up.
>> Did I miss an easier way to keep such menus up? I prefer the doPopUp style 
>> menus of items like "new morph...". 

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'From etoys2.2 of 21 September 2007 [latest update: #1689] on 7 October 2007 at 10:16:38 pm'!

!MenuMorph methodsFor: 'initialization' stamp: 'kfr 10/7/2007 22:14'!
	"Delete the receiver."

	activeSubMenu ifNotNil: [activeSubMenu stayUp ifFalse:[activeSubMenu delete]].
	self isFlexed ifTrue: [^ owner delete].
	^ super delete! !

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