[Etoys] How to distribute amd install MO for Apps

korakurider at yahoo.co.jp korakurider at yahoo.co.jp
Sat Nov 10 20:22:48 EST 2007

Hi, bert.

While I am still working on stabilizing runtime-translation stuff to 
make smooth to integrate add-on applications with base Etoys,
I hit fundamental question: how to distribute and install addon 
application with translation.

We need to do following that seem difficult on OLPC if I understand 
   - EToys use installed MOs for translation, so additional MOs for
     the apps need to be installed onto file system.
   - Additional domains/MOs need to be registered by API call, and
     that registration is stored in image in current implementation.

We have had great apps for Squeak, but..
   - the last version of DrGeoII is packaged as SAR.  It is possible
     to execute almost anything in preamble, but MOs installation 
     seems impossible in Rainbow-enabled environment.
   - the last version of BotInc is packaged as project.  How to package
     MOs in tt?
   - For both case, can domain registration be stored in Journal and 
restored ?  it is easy for squeakland-OLPC user to save image...
So only way to provide translation for apps is that preload apps and 
rename image and package them as RPM.  I would like to hear your thought.

(I understand we have similar issue with additional font...)

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