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Updating from f961448769e3c627d16b7a87f8537f48ec067b64 to  
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  ChangeLog        |  200 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 
  Content.revision |    2 -
  NEWS             |   49 +++++++++++++
  etoys.spec       |   50 +++++++++++++-
  4 files changed, 299 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
commit edc1ce6e144bcbce2868b084615242ee9ee54820
Author: Takashi Yamamiya <tak at metatoys.org>
Date:   Fri Aug 31 12:36:51 2007 -0700

     - 2.1.1557-1
     - content rev. 35
     - 1575QuickGuide2-yo.cs: Remove player in the IndexPage prototype.
     - 1574WindowEvents-JMM-bf.cs: Add WindowEvent handling, based on  
     - 1573baloonWording-yo.cs: Change the wording in baloon help for  
       supplies tab.
     - 1572fixAlphaInThumb-yo.cs: fix alpha channel of thumbnails.
     - 1571QuickGuide1-yo.cs: First cut of quick guide index viewer  
     - 1570FixInspectProps-sw-yo.cs: Fixes inspect property in the debug
     - 1569OLPCDisplayCopy-yo.cs: Copy shouldn't be made for the  
     - 1568player-ref-tk.cs: Fixes bug that prevented the Revert  
feature of
       bookmorphs from working.
     - 1567BookIcon-tak.cs: Better next and previous button for  
     - 1566safeFailDbus-yo.cs: Ignore error when the VM doesn't have  
     - 1565transformRestore-sw.cs: Restore the change of  
     - 1564projectViewIssues-sw.cs: TRAC 2888: Makes project-view icons
       obey the acceptDrops flag governed in the halo menu.
     - 1563picker-yo-sw.cs: TRAC 2831: Remove all uses of Sensor in
       color-picking, thus allowing event-replays of modal color  
picking to
     - 1562noEmptyMenus-sw.cs: TRAC 2808: Don't show a menu icon in a
       viewer for a slot/variable which would have no menu items to  
       in such a menu.
     - 1561fullScreenBook-sw.cs: TRAC 2825: When exiting full-screen  
       of a BookMorph, restore the original position of the book.
     - 1560evtRecorderItems-sw.cs: TRAC 2830: Remove the old  
       from the Objects catalog.
     - 1559editBalloonText-sw.cs: TRAC 2826 - Move the edit-balloon-text
       command from the debug menu to the extras menu, thus making it
       available to all users.
     - 1558bookControls-sw.cs: TRAC 2820: Add an option allowing book
       controls to appear at top *or* bottom of the book
     - 1557arrowPointingUp-sw.cs: TRAC 2867 - Make the arrow obtained  
       the objects catalog start out life pointing upward and with a
       heading of 0 to match.
     - 1556gettextUtils-tak.cs: Verify and export all gettext files.
     - 1555TransWorldMenu-KR.cs: make WorldMenu translatable
     - 1554transformRevert-sw.cs: Revert the change in  
1552TransformFix, at
       least for the time being.
     - 1553TransScriptor-KR.cs: translation stuff for scriptor menu/ 
     - 1552TransformFix-ar.cs: A small fix for FormCanvas' transform
       methods due to the fact that WarpBlt wants to know its sourceForm
       before setting the cellSize

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