[Etoys] Inserting Image on Build 406

Karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Sun Aug 26 14:07:35 EDT 2007

Juliano Bittencourt wrote:
>     Hello,
>     Someone know how can I insert a image from a file in the eToys 
> version that is running in OLPC build 406? I'm part of the team that is 
> working in the trial school of Porto Alegre - Brazil and we have a lot 
> of B2s that are running build 406.
>      I know that in build 542 is very easy to do this by copy&pasting 
> the image, but in build 406 I was unable to figure out how to do this. 
> The students are very interested in using the images they grab from the 
> camera and the Internet into their etoys projects.
>      Best,
>      Juliano
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Click and hold down on the 'open project' button in the navigator.
You will then get a option to load any file.


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