[Etoys] I make a duplicate of Super Navigator Flap, but can't move the copy

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Wed Aug 15 19:16:54 EDT 2007

  Hi, Eduardo,

> I was going to try to mockup inside etoys the other
> toolbars I proposed. I made a duplicate of the top
> toolbar, but I can't drag it. Can someone point me
> into the code where I could change this property for
> this duplicated toolbar? (I have learned some
> smalltalk in school, and know how to use squeaks
> code-browser. Just figured if someone could point me
> into the right direction to do this. I'm really
> wanting to try this out, for you to then see it in
> action).

  Look at SugarNavigatorBar and SugarNavTab in the system browser.
Also, the superclass of them, ProjectNavigationMorph and FlapTab, play
a big role.

  As a start, if you define an empty #positionVertically method at
SugarNavigatorBar, and modify #wantsHalo and #wantsHaloFromClick to
return true, that would make it draggable.

  In regards to your other email, I have to say that I don't want to
lose screen real estate for these bars.  The user has to learn about
at least the paint button or the supplies button to make it do
something, but that is all he has to know at first.  other little
widgets come next, and by the time, the user should know about the
object catalog.

  A middle-ground solution would be to have the Object Catalog as
Supplies flap.  This has some advantages.

-- Yoshiki

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