[Etoys] Revert the page bug in Demon Castle

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Sun Aug 12 22:12:49 EDT 2007


This bug was not related with text script.
Page 6, 7, 8 don't include text script, but they don't work
if I press "Revert the page". And I found the object name was changing
at random like Door3 -> Door7 -> Door38 etc.
even if I reverted the page just once. I smell something too bad...


Ted Kaehler wrote:
> Takashi and Yoshiki,
> 	One other possible bug in the Demon Castle (caused by me):  On the page
> with the right button (page 3), there is a transparent shield over page.
> 	Please verify that both the go back and go forward buttons work.  They
> need to be on top of the shield.  Also make sure the shield is marked
> "cannot be picked up".

Do you mean page 4? There is not a transparent shield in page 3 or page 4.
And I'm not sure your original thought. Nothing happens in page 3.
Could you check the latest file
or send me again your original file?

> 	Another thing to fix is the sentence along the bottom (below the book). 
> It says "(To exit, click on Navigator below, then click PREV.)".  Instead
> it should say "To exit, click the [<] button above."  (insert the icon
> for Prev Project in the sentence)

- Takashi

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