[Etoys] Revert the page bug in Demon Castle

Ted Kaehler ted at vpri.org
Sun Aug 12 02:00:45 EDT 2007

Takashi and Yoshiki,

	One other possible bug in the Demon Castle (caused by me):  On the page
with the right button (page 3), there is a transparent shield over page.
	Please verify that both the go back and go forward buttons work.  They
need to be on top of the shield.  Also make sure the shield is marked
"cannot be picked up".

	Another thing to fix is the sentence along the bottom (below the book). 
It says "(To exit, click on Navigator below, then click PREV.)".  Instead
it should say "To exit, click the [<] button above."  (insert the icon
for Prev Project in the sentence)


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