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commit 0d64804a446a97a8956be9ab2944be6999d79aa3
Author: Takashi Yamamiya <tak at metatoys.org>
Date:   Wed Aug 8 18:02:05 2007 -0700

     Etoys-53, 2.1.1533-1
     - content rev. 32
     - 1533selectionMorphIssues-sw.cs: Assure halo is deleted from an
       object being deleted, taking care in case in the SelectionMorph
     - 1532SugarNav13-yo.cs: Update the buttons in the Sugar bar.
     - 1531noOldSoundRecorder-sw.cs: Again expunge the old SoundRecorder
       from the Objects Catalog.  And set the new SoundRecorder up  
       for translations.
     - 1530gettextDirectory-tak.cs: Gettext files are located good  
     - 1529NebraskaOverMesh-yo.cs: This might be a wrong way to fix  
it, but
       this changeset makes the Nebraska work over olpc mesh.
     - 1528netNameResolverFix-mir.cs: - 1527useGettextFromArray- 
tak.cs: Put #gettextNoop
       keyword in array literals for making translation
     - 1526gettextFromArray-tak.cs: Aggregate gettext keywords from  
     - 1525TransExport4-KR.cs: To make context information for tile
       wording/help better
     - 1524suffixArrowFix-sw.cs: Don't show suffix arrows on tiles that
       don't do arithmetic.
     - 1523notShowUpdateDir-yo.cs: Hide update directory from the  
project list.
     - 1522resumeFix-bf.cs: Cross-published from olpc2.0 update  
     - 1521enableScrollingText-sw.cs: Make a scrolling-text item be
       available in the basic category of the objects catalog.
     - 1520ScrollingField-width-tk.cs: Fixes for ScrollableField
     - 1519lastOccurrenceFix-sw.cs: Fixes a bug in
       String>>findLastOccuranceOfString: startingAt:, and corrects the
       spelling of the selector to be  
     - 1518animatedImageFix-sw.cs: Fix an update problem with animated
       images; derived from from a fix posted to Mantis by Jerome Peace.
     - 1517gettextNoopConflicts-sw.cs: Fixes a few conflicts between  
       1512useGettextNoop and other recent updates:
     - 1516ITNPosOption-yo.cs: Add a menu item to set the prefered  
       of navigator.
     - 1515fixEmbedInWindow-yo.cs: We decided to take out 'put in a  
       feature, but it is nice to make it work anyway.
     - 1514avoidScreenCtlr-yo.cs: Morphic World menu shouldn't hold onto
       ScreenController instance.
     - 1513relBuilderFix-21-yo.cs: Make sure that change set is cleared.
     - 1512useGettextNoop-tak.cs: A lot of fix to apply #translatedNoop
     - 1511gettextNoopSupport-tak.cs: Detect receiver of  
#translatedNoop to use keywords.
     - 1510soundRecorderViewer-sw.cs: Adds control over record, stop,  
       play buttons of a sound recorder via new tiles in its viewer.
     - 1509soundRecorder-sw.cs: A simplified UI for John Maloney's  
     - 1508flapsOnLanguageChg-sw.cs: Let the sugarNavigator  
preference dominate over the eToyFriendly flag.
     - 1507magnifiers-sw.cs: Only offer a single magnifier in the  
objects catalog.
     - 1506noStackMorph-sw.cs: As agreed at conference call 19July07,  
disenfranchise the StackMorph.
     - 1505uers-sw.cs: Fixes four methods that had the same 'uers'  
misspelling of 'users.
     - 1504viewerSearchAgain-sw.cs: Eliminate all non-letters from  
the string processing associated with Viewer Search.
     - 1503barePlayerlessPhrase-sw.cs: Treat bare playerless phrases  
on the desktop like all others.
     - 1502lessENotation-sw.cs: Improvements for printout of numeric  
values in etoy readouts.
     - 1501moribundWatcher-sw.cs: Get rid of problematical watchers.

U    Content/etoys.image
Updated to revision 32.

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