[Etoys] Opening .pr error

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Thu Aug 2 11:03:42 EDT 2007


> I believe I'll rebuild my lesson on 406 cause we need portability and the current stable XO version is still 406.15.

  However, you know that 406 is not going to be around anyway, and
"stable release" at this development period doesn't mean so much.

> Still, have one more question: what version of Squeak/Etoys comes with XO 406?

  Etoys has somewhat different way to define the "version".  To see
  it, get the halo of the "world" and from the white menu, choose,
"about this system..." and look at the number after "latest update:"
The number is practically the version number of the system.

-- Yoshiki

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