[Etoys] sound player shutdown when initiating painting

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Thu Nov 30 08:15:52 EST 2006

I just noticed that playback of sound using the EventRecorder stops  
abruptly if the event-recording includes a painting session.  Just  
before the paint palette appears on playback, sound playback simply  

I've tracked this down to the recent addition of WorldStethoscope  
code, in which a "SoundPlayer shutDown" call was added to  
PasteUpMorph >> stopRunningAll.

So it seems that either #stopRunningAll should be restored to its  
original functionality, which was to suspend all ticking scripts but  
not to mess with sound playback, or else we can change the get-ready- 
to-paint code so that it no longer calls #stopRunningAll, but instead  
calls some to-be-written method that does the original intended work  
of #stopRunningAll, but without the additional clobbering of sound.

What do you think?


   -- Scott

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