[Etoys] Build 168

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sat Nov 11 17:31:51 EST 2006

I also just tested build 168 - found a way to directly use the  
downloaded disk image with Parallels on my Mac. It started up fine,  
but in 640x480 - maybe your monitor cannot handle this?

Anyway, etoys ran fine, except of course that the projects won't work  
correctly at 640x480.

- Bert -

On Nov 11, 2006, at 19:02 , Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:

>   As of now, the latest disk image available online is "build 168".
> To have X server start, I need to replace a config file from older
> version (which is understandable as they seem to be preparing for the
> deployment with actual display).  And, the boot precess fails
> sometimes (such as saying "Resetting OLPC Wireless" and hang).  But if
> it boots up, eToys runs as expected.  eToys doesn't interfere other
> apps sound playback (but other appls interfere eToys sound playback.)
> As long as they work out the low-level stuff right, the eToys part is
> are fine.
> -- Yoshiki
>   They changed the artwork of buttons in TamTam from grayscale to
> full-color.  Nobody seems to be interested in "freezing" and stabilize
> software...

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