[Etoys] Next Steps for B-Test2 and more

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Wed Nov 1 11:58:43 EST 2006


>   * Address the tickets on the dev.laptop.org.  Some short-term items
>     are listed on the trac system.  Takashi says he is looking at the
>     gettext.  (I'll list some items from Jerome Peace.)

I think it is good opportunity because translator's effort will be
significant reduced.  Current etoy's translation sysytem is a bit
broken.  I am getting started this issue. I think it includes these

- "Untranslated items" should be automatically generated by source
  code: Because there are a number of unused untranslated items in the
  dictionary in Squeak. In gettext way, untranslated items are
  extracted by _() macro. Also, those should be extracted by
  #translated method in source code of Squeak, originally. But it is
  broken because sometimes receiver of #translated is a variable
  instead of a "literal". It would be easy to fix even though there
  are many of such codes.

- Better gettext importer / exporter: I uploaded Diego's gettext
  exporter again in the image. But I think it is good if it supports
  multiple line, or handling header information.

- Translation for a project: Current translation dictionary is for the
  image. But how about a project? If we attach a dictionary by a
  project. One tutorial project file can be read in different

- certainly, web interface for translation is useful.


- Takashi

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