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Carlos Rabassa carnen em mac.com
Quarta Junho 22 15:00:32 EDT 2011

Translation of this interesting message that came up a few moments ago in the  OLPC-Uruguay list:

Subject: Problem


I am writing from the "Salinas 2" High School in a state of total indignation.  Let me tell you:

I found students in my high school who are installing Windows 7 in the "Magallanes [name of the model,  made in Portugal,  I believe] computers.

Maybe it looks like a silly idea but I think it is wrong,  it goes against the plan [Plan Ceibal] and the idea of free software.  The truth is I don´t know what to do....



Would be nice if we could send our best answer or answers to this desperate educator.

Interesting,  Lara's email address translates as "homework".

Guess not knowing her name is not an excuse for not reading about homework.


Carlos Rabassa
Plan Ceibal Support Network
Montevideo, Uruguay

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> Subject: [Olpc-uruguay] Problema
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> Les escribo desde el Liceo de Salinas 2 en estado anímico de indignación total, les cuento:
> encontre alumnos de mi leceo que están instalando en las Magallanes Windows7. Talvez parezca una tontera pero esta mal va contra el plan y la idea del sofware libre. La verdad que no se que hacer...
> Muchas gracias.Lara
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