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I agree.

But now we have to figure out how "to help the helpers", because besides wisdom, 
many need much more knowledge than they have

Best wishes,


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On Sunday 06 Feb 2011 8:13:55 pm Alan Kay wrote:
> I don't think of "teachers" or "teaching" as dirty words. And I don't
> separate  them by age group, profession, or whether parents or not. (Do I
> have to say that good teachers facilitate learning ....?)
Neither do I. The debate around good vs. bad teachers is a distraction that 
gets us nowhere close to ensuring that all our students get education. The 
real debate should be around empowerment of people who are assisting learners. 
What we found is that teachers, even in crowded schools, were able to find 
their own resources to ensure that their wards acquired basic skills.
Learning happens if we leave teaching to teachers.


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